Thursday, August 02, 2007

Belly Dancing

I've heard about so many tips to make you slimmer. I've heard about yoga, pilates and so on.
But, do you know that belly dancing can help you to achieve slimmer body??
This dance actually came from middle east country. They express their joyous heart through this dancing. But, nowadays, people around the world use this dancing as an exercise tool to achieve slimmer body.
I did have a friend who obsess about belly dancing just to become slimmer and it did works. She do this dancing type of exercise twice a day and in less than 1 year, she looks slimmer than before. She have many types of belly dance VCD's and she said it is a good and interesting way to burn the excess fat in our belly.
Dare to try??
Just surf the internet to find more information about the belly dance... You can also buy the VCD online..